Diagnosing Chronic Bronchitis

Published: 20th January 2009
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The process of diagnosing chronic bronchitis can become particularly difficult, owing to the fact that this condition has symptoms similar to different diseases such as emphysema and pneumonia. During the preliminary medical check-up a competent physician may assess your full medical history, plus require a full physical exam. Your physician would note down each of the symptoms that you are afflicted with, and most likely ask if you are a smoker, given that smoking cigarettes is the foremost contributing factor of chronic bronchitis. If the results of the examination turn out to be insubstantial, there are still several different tests that may be done to confirm if you are suffering from chronic bronchitis:

PFT or Pulmonary Function Testing - This method requires a series of breathing exercises with the help of a machine. This machine measures the patient's airflow, and the amount of air that is able to flow into your lungs. This method is important in diagnosing chronic bronchitis since a lot of people who are afflicted with chronic bronchitis complain of a gasping sensation, as well as labored breathing. This diagnostic method allows the physician to evaluate the normal functioning of your lungs.

HRCT or High Resolution Computer Tomography is a form of Computed Tomography (CT) scan that can provide the doctor with clear imaging of your lungs. An HRCT is performed exactly like a CT scan, and commonly takes only a short number of minutes. These are most likely performed on an open air, flat table.

X-Ray - A chest X-Ray can most likely lead to a positive chronic bronchitis diagnosis, and enables the doctor to exclude other possible causes of the symptoms.

In general, diagnosing chronic bronchitis is painless and easy. If you suspect that you are experiencing chronic bronchitis it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor and get diagnosed. Avoid smoking and limit your exposure to irritants either in your job site or at home. If you are diagnosed with chronic bronchitis it is always a better to watch your diet, and start a daily fitness routine to avoid feeling the symptoms of chronic bronchitis.

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