Lung Detox After Quitting Smoking

Published: 08th May 2009
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In recent days, nearly everyone is aware of the undesirable implications of smoking on the human body, especially the damage it can cause to the lungs (in addition to other major organs).

Among the key part contained in tobacco or cigarette smoke is tar, which gets deposited in the lungs and ultimately clots the lung cells. As time passes, the cilia cells lining your lungs can be actually buried under several layers of tar.

The cilia basically serve by eliminating dangerous substances, germs, and pollutants. But if the cilia are blocked by excess tar, the person becomes exposed to certain diseases that will normally spare individuals who don't smoke.

In addition, the tar in cigarette smoke also consists of different extremely poisonous compounds such as carcinogens. Research results have demonstrated that applying cigarette tar on the skin of animals causes skin cancer in at least sixty percent of the time.

When you give up smoking, your lung cilia will no longer be blocked by excess amounts of tar, and in due time resume their normal functions. Little by little, your cilia cells will start cleaning your lungs of the clutter left by your chronic smoking. Your lungs will be cleansed by the cilia entirely in about ten years after kicking the habit. If this seems too slow, entering something known as a lung detox program can accelerate this healing process.

Lung Detox

"Lung Detox" is an e-book that narrates an ex-smoker's personal experience and his attempts to conquer his smoking addiction and ultimately improve his health. The ebook contains practical details such as guidelines on how finally quit smoking, or handle being a non-smoker and the conditions that this presents you with.

Further, this ebook presents us with a useful program for lung detoxification that focuses on a natural system with vitamins and natural extracts. Mainly, the process serves to break down the particles of tar and nicotine and eventually facilitate their removal from the lungs faster. this detox program is expected to detoxify your lungs in only a few months to one year.

This lung detoxification program can potentially trigger certain side effects, such as gastrointestinal complications. But these side effects are announced openly and are mostly linked to nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

On top of its lung detoxifying function, the program also helps you defeat your addiction by causing some sort of repugnance for cigarette smoke. Presumably, this lung detox program promises to induce weight loss, which is a rather prevalent problem among individuals who have recently stopped smoking.

To this day, there are opposing opinions about the Lung Detox e-book and its ideas. A number of groups have in fact demanded a refund and chose to try other techniques. At the other side of the spectrum, there are also individuals who have confirmed favorable results and a significant improvement in their health and quality of life after attempting this program.

The decision to use this lung detox program is of course yours alone, but keep in mind that the program claims virtually no undesirable side effects and gives you the chance to dramatically improve your health in general. With a program such as this one, how can you possibly go wrong?
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